Welcome to the website of St. Patrick’s College Silverstream, Music Department.

Music is a vital part of life at Silverstream, and the thriving Music Department aims to encourage and inspire each boy to participate fully both in class Music lessons and in the many and varied opportunities that are offered beyond the classroom to pupils in all years.

These include individual instrumental and singing lessons, choirs, concert band and other instrumental ensembles, trips and workshops, as well as concerts, recitals and competitions.

The Stream Music Department is part academic department and part performing arts company.

First and absolutely foremost, we serve an important educational role, helping students develop the skills that help them become successful and well-rounded students and members of the community. The skills learned in music classes and ensembles help our students to develop creativity, sensitivity and  responsibility. The study of music also helps our students to become more successful in their other subject areas and is very beneficial when students apply to universities.

“To be able to tell your interviewers when applying for medical entry that you are a skilled musician does no harm at all. It tells us that you have other interests, you are focused and dedicated (lots and lots of practice) and you have a creative side. It doesn’t guarantee you a place but is the sort of thing we look for in-well rounded medical students.”

Professor John Fraser
Dean, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
The University of Auckland

“A number of our best law students have studied music to a senior level. I have no doubt that the discipline required to study music and the brain development which the study of music enhances are a major asset for studying law and other disciplines.”

Professor Mark Henaghan
Dean of Law
University of Otago

The Music Departments at Stream also hosts national musical events including:

  • The Dr. Bruce Pearson Conductors Clinic in July 2015
  • Wellington Bands and Orchestras Festival in August 2017