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I have been playing the drums since 1966 and originally I studied with Frank Gibbson senior in Auckland and later with Frank Gibbson junior also in Auckland.
In 1971 I moved to Wellington and studied drumming with Budd Jones,who at the time was principle percussionist with the NZ symphony.
I then was resident drummer on the Ocean Monarch, a cruise ship working between New Zealand and England.
I worked then in rock bands in England full time before returning to New Zealand in 1973.
Since then I have lived in Wellington working with international acts touring the country, as a session musician working for radio and tv and night clubs, playing Latin, Jazz and country rock type styles.
In the year 2000 I was the drummer on the Kevin Clark album ,once upon a song. That CD was winner of the Tui Jazz album of the year. I was also the drummer on a no1 hit single , Life Begins At 40.
I have always had a passion for teaching and I have been teaching drums since 1975.
My lessons will cover three main topics, technique and rudiment studies, reading rhythm and reading drum charts and the independence required to play Jazz, Latin and rock styles of music.
I am also the directer of the Chilton StJames drum corp, they have performed at “Art Splash” for the last several years with great success.I would like to get all students of mine to be involved in percussion groups at their school.