We are very privileged to have some of Wellington’s best Instrumental and Vocal Music Teachers and musicians at Stream.

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Brass includes trumpet, trombone, tenor horn and french horn

Woodwind includes flute, clarinet, saxophone and oboe

Boys are enrolled for a full school year. If you wish to withdraw before the end of the year, you will still be charged for the rest of the term. You can withdraw from lessons here.

You are required to give a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice in writing, if you wish to withdraw from lessons. If your child is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or school event, the instrumental teacher must be contacted either by you or the student at least 12 hours before the scheduled lesson time. A credit will then be available for that lesson if sufficient time is given. If no prior contact is made then the lesson must still be paid for.

Lessons are weekly and are scheduled at times decided through the Instrumental Music Teacher timetable process. All students’ lessons are on an approved rotating timetable.

As usual, when a student advises in advance of an absence for a legitimate reason, reasonable steps will be taken to reschedule the lesson where possible.

A high level of commitment is required by the student throughout the year to obtain the best results. He should come to lessons prepared and should follow a regular schedule of concentrated practice. Lessons may be terminated by the student or Tutor at the end of a Term, should any problems arise.


Year 9-13 Students: $10 per week (for 33 lessons) – $330 per year. (except NCEA music students – see below). This is charged by the term, paid in advance.
NCEA Music Students: free of charge for the first instrument and then $10 per week for any other instrument learnt.

*costs are for extra-curricular lessons unless you are an NCEA music student.

Conditions of Enrolment

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